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Introducing an innovative and individualised service to the ACT and surrounding regions of NSW.

Optimal Outcomes offers personal planning (futures planning) for people who just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, or know what they want in their future just not sure how to get there. As well as offering futures planning for individuals, it also offers planning for organisations, for example to set strategic direction for a brighter future or small businesses that need to “see” in what direction as a business it is headed.

Optimal Outcomes offers graphic planning, in that ideas are developed by a group of people, or an individual and are then graphically represented onto a large wall chart that enables everyone who is contributing to see the plan come to life. The group are assisted to action ideas from the plan using small achievable steps developed through the process.

Optimal Outcomes facilitates people to develop ideas and solutions for better life outcomes for people with disabilities and their family members by offering person centred planning. Person Centred Planning uses tools such as PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope), MAPS and Personal Profiles to assist in the development of ideas and solutions for building a positive and possible future for an individual with a disability. These planning tools are great when transitioning from one setting to the next for e.g.. Primary school to High school, or one phase of life to another for example moving from school onto future options. Planning with individuals assists them to achieve independence and goals that are dreamed of can come to life with the assistance of members of the group (Team). This team is often referred to as a "Circle of Support" and Optimal Outcomes can facilitate the establishment of a circle as well as facilitate ongoing support.

Essential Lifestyle Planning (ELP) is another planning tool that can be developed to assist a group/Circle of Support discover capacities of an individual with a disability and in doing so, allows them to work together as a team to build connections to community through interests and skills. ELP is particularly good at identifying communication styles, individual needs and identifies and matches appropriate support with the individual based on their preferences and needs.

Optimal Outcomes

Optimal Outcomes can provide group training that includes Understanding Person Centred Thinking, Person Centred Planning, The use of Person Centred Planning Tools including PATH, MAPS and Personal Profiles - all these tools are based on graphic and process facilitation.

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